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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Higgs Boson Syndication

I have already said in “Higgs Boson Conditioning (A)” post that Higgs boson syndication is an operation Hamsher to produce a noble gas; Hamsher is just a name of which I decided to use to name a physical interaction happening in the upper atmosphere and under earth, the result of this interaction is generally a noble gas which is helium9, helium11 and helium electron neutrino (Heve).

The interesting point of today’s post is the genesis of noble gases; all Higgs boson experiments are based on Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). The interaction between the fortified water and the Rugosa Corals results to the ejection of Higgs boson cosmic rays and helium. My interest here is alpha particles and where to meet them once they are out of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)? A quick travel to the upper atmosphere where interactions occur, I think the favoured area where alpha particles interact is chosen upon the temperature.

12 Helium11 + Sodium → Sodium Dioxide. 12He11 + Na → NaO2

12Helium11 + Titanium → Titanium Dioxide. 12He11 + Ti → TiO2

12Helium11 + Magnesium → Magnesium Dioxide.12He11 + Mg → MgO2

12Helium11 + Selenium → Selenium Dioxide. 12He11 + Se → SeO2

The chemical equations above explains the Helium11 interaction with Sodium, Titanium, Magnesium and Selenium; maybe someone asks where the two oxygen atoms come from? We already know the electron contains four quarks; the up quark, the down quark, the anti-up quark and the anti-down quark, we also know that the total of electrons, protons and neutrons in the oxygen atom is 24. The total of quarks within the Helium11 is 8. it is obvious now that Helium11 is an oxidant to the chemical elements cited above.

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Mineral Water → 3 Mineral Water
3.5 Heve + H2O → 3(H2O)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Carbon Hydroxide →3 Carbon Hydroxide
3.5 Heve + COH → 3 (COH)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Sulphuric carbonate →3 Sulphuric carbonate
3.5 Heve + SCO5 → 3 (SCO5)

3.5 Helium electron neutrino + Sulphuric carbonate + Mineral Water → Plant not recognised yet.
3.5 Heve + SCO5 + H2O → Plant not recognised yet.

The chemical equations above are not detectable by any mean of technology; the only idea to prove them right is through the investigation in nature. I think the easiest one to observe is by passing by botanical discoveries of new plants.

The addition of the new era to debris could be understood once we look at the following chemical equations:

Helium9 + Plants Roots → Soil
Helium9 + Plants Leaves → Soil

At this end of this post I would like to remind you of alpha particles as the main builder of life; this means that all particles have alpha particles as the first and the essential block for their existence.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Higgs Boson Monopoly

Higgs boson monopoly is about fun; having fun in a scientific research is a pillar of success and excellent achievement. I love to bring your imagination and intention to the meaning of a scientific research; first of all choosing a subject then visualizing the aim to achieve from this subject, secondly choosing the tools to work and to examine the subject, and thirdly assessing the results achieved from the subject. These three steps must be looked at carefully and especially when it comes to treat a subject such as Higgs boson.

In my opinion from the time when Peter Higgs wrote his theory about Higgs boson the researches were limited to a special research centres, the surprise is that someone ignorant in particle physics came up with Higgs boson discovery. The question is; why should I worry as long as I have Higgs boson and I can carry as many researches as possible.

The first rotational sea waves started almost a year ago, and once they are on the beach they enjoy carrying the sea sand inside the sea, because their origin comes from the rotating gluons in the upper atmosphere and their current is stronger than any obstacle, as a result the loss of land becomes inevitable.

Ultra-connections such as Radars, satellites, Radio connections and phone lines connections are an easy task to execute by Higgs boson acoustic waves and Higgs boson cosmic rays, there is a simple equation which is ((-1)+(+1)) = Higgs boson mechanics. That means that all the connections cited above are exposed to elimination, once they are interacted with Higgs boson acoustic waves and Higgs boson cosmic rays they dispose.

My situation now is disastrous because I am talking to deafs; and I am starting to loose my nerves as the Higgs boson double sinusoidal waves started to take effect on earth. The miraculous dogma is; how do you explain a “non flying object” sentence will occupy the world’s news headlines for so long.

I am depressed because the sea is approaching to the wall and statistically the quantity of water on earth will be doubled within the next few years.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Higgs Boson Philosophy

Bringing ideas to the theatral scenes is a sophisticated implementation carried by Higgs boson cosmic rays; a mutation of thinking concerning Higgs boson as a philosophical subject is simplified by Higgs boson character which is simplification. The talking in today’s post is concentrated on Higgs boson philosophical side in the contemporary era; monumental scratches are the subjective to generate a serious conversation about Higgs boson as a particle in particle physics vision and as a coral in natural history.

Sooner or later social media will recognize Higgs boson effects on all our surroundings, and my advice to them to do it sooner will be better for our planet earth. My conditions are clear and comprehensible and there is one simple decision to take as there are enough proofs that I am the one who did it. I am simply the best who can explain what Higgs boson is, and what is written in this blog justifying it.

The people whom are making jokes on my writing and treating me as mad, they will be surprised one day or another; sooner or later they will know what’s causing low pressures to occur on their heads, what’s making their homes flooded, and what’s making their sun looks bigger and bigger. My advice to them is to read again and again and again hopefully something meaningful will acquire their sensitivity.

The magical conception has to come to its end due the accused perception of dismantling the Eskimos houses; the south east winds are the first responsible of warming the North Pole ice. Ice collapses are happening every second that makes the seas sodium density low. The seas surface absorbs more heat to make the water in high tensity to evaporate; this magical formula is one of the Higgs boson keys to make our universe travelling back.

Thinking deeply, wisely, intelligently and quickly in the specific time otherwise many valuable opportunities will be missed, time has to come to meet this kind of thinking from you. Is it time now to think about the grasses growing in front of your door step? Is it time now to think about the erupting volcanoes? Is it time now to think about the growing spiders numerously and giantly? Is it time now to think that I am fighting for my rights of Higgs boson discovery? I think it is time now to say what you think; it’s absolutely right.

I am in an extreme shock when I clavered the chemical equation below:

Helium + kerosene + Oxygen → Hole in the planes kerosene tank

He + C12H26 + 3(O2) → 4(C12H26) + 12(O2)

It is surprising to look at the chemical equation above; at 10.000 m high temperature is 67 Celsius below zero, by combining this temperature with alpha particles and kerosene that result to the generation of stones digging the inside surface of the plane’s kerosene tank.

Finally, it’s time for you scientist of the world to surrender to the reasonable thinking and accept reality and the truth that someone had discovered Higgs boson and had already made an experiment on it.  


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Higgs Boson Spheres

Higgs boson spheres are an ensemble of elements assembled in a space which has a sphere shape; most of these elements are made of carbon, magnesium, zinc and aluminium. There are many kinds of spheres; squared, triangular and circular, these shapes are only used to differentiate them from each other depending of the elements participating in their building.

It is possible to build an unlimited number of spheres; the one I am interested to talk about is the sulphur sphere. The first step taken by the sulphur is from volcanic magma then winds, then clouds, then rain, then plants, and at last it becomes a locker to carbon. The interactions are numerous within the sulphur sphere but this last takes a straight line to achieve its target, also the volcanic magma has an important role to make the sulphur fly. We agreed in “Higgs Boson Manifesto” post that Higgs boson is an eliminator that means that methane (CH4) inside the earth will be burnt to produce more magma then more sulphur. The drawing below is showing the sulphur sphere.

The second Higgs boson sphere which is also attracting is the aluminium sphere; from volcanic magma ash travel through the winds to come on lakes, rivers and ice to become aluminium, the result is water contamination. From the volcanic ash 12 carbon atoms are grouped to form aluminium, the result is that the carbon is locked forever.

The chemical equation below is understandable and explains how carbon atoms are transferred and locked into aluminium.

12C + H2O → 2Al + CH2O

I hope that I will have the opportunity to make a clearance to the zinc sphere and the magnesium sphere, I think you can do it yourself starting from the volcanic ash to the carbon locking passing through magnesium or zinc.

To end this post, I prefer to make a clear message to the people whom asking me about my message from the posts titles of this blog. My answer is simple and understandable; I am the man who discovered Higgs boson.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Higgs Boson Monsoons

Many people think that monsoons are storms which are visiting the equatorial every summer, in my opinion this statement is right but monsoons will be present a whole 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Higgs Boson Synchronization

The synchronization I would like to talk about is unique, perfect and harmonious synchronization. Everybody knows that CERN is building a big machine to smatch

Friday, 12 September 2014

Higgs Boson Symphony

Higgs Boson symphony is a group of notes made by Higgs boson during the interconnection of our universe with the first universe; this interconnection is build on the basic of (-1, +1). The symphony I shall talk about in this post today is a must to