Monday, 26 January 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-3)

This post is remarkably posed on a flying carpet to take us around the universe to look at the spinning materials under the folded insulators which are already cited in “Higgs Boson Insulations” posts. There five main materials in our universe which I am interested to indicate in this post and the aim from bringing them to your vision is strictly abnormal idea to some people’s opinion; we have to remember that the abnormal is slowly becoming normal. I am sure that there are thousands and thousands of examples which could be seen on our planet earth.

The firs spinning material in our universe is the submitted quarks from Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs) experiment; quarks spinning is equal to ½ spin that makes them integrated to Higgs boson first universe easily. My imagination to the total of the submitted quarks is real because it could be seen in the picture below
The second spinning material in our universe is quarks assumption; the interconnection between universe 1 and our universe makes the quarks assumption horizontally then vertically, and also in this case the quarks half spin makes this assumption possible between the two universes. The picture below is showing how quarks assumption could be horizontally and vertically.

The third spinning material in our universe is omega particles; I already noticed in “Higgs Boson Discovered” post that omega particles participate in the building of Higgs boson symmetry breaking second generation of fermions by (17/2); that means that omega particles obey to “Pauli Exclusion Principle”, by conclusion to the statement above we understand that omega particles have half spin which makes their integration to Higgs boson magnetism easily.

The fourth spinning material in our universe is alpha particles; alpha particles are essential to the decomposing of our universe and to make it travelling back this is just because of their half spin which makes them integrating easily in Higgs boson magnetism.

The last spinning material in our universe is beta particles; beta particles are a huge exception in the building of all sort of matter; their movement is similar to quarks movement and they have half spin too. Beta particles form a sinusoidal wave once released and they can easily integrating in Higgs boson magnetism.

To conclude this post I think that human being technologies are still very far to understand most of the particles movement; my solution here is the production of High temperature Superconductor to innovate these technologies.  

Higgs Boson Speculation (2)

We have already seen in “Higgs Boson Speculation (1)” post that the talk about Higgs boson is limited to the opinion of few people which is shown to the public; there are some videos and images explaining Higgs boson but they are sterile and non productive, and they are still the same from 2012. In this post I am here again to show to the world how Higgs boson could be productive through demonstrations in reality; these demonstrations are my proofs of my experiment on Higgs boson, and I am sure that the more time passes the more demonstrations will come up. Let’s talk about five of Higgs boson demonstrations.

I am interested to talk about the first of Higgs boson demonstrations which is the splitting of the sun’s light; its a new phenomenon which has started to appear in some countries; this splitting of the sun is shown in the picture below; and there is only one explanation to this phenomenon which is hidden in the high density of alpha particles in the atmosphere; once the sun’s light achieves the atmosphere it gets separated in three lines to take a (π) shape or a circle; and once we look at the sun we can see three shining points depending on our position.

The second of Higgs boson demonstrations which I can use as a proof of my experiment on Higgs boson is the moon’s light; this statement has to be proved and explained as follow: the moon’s light is becoming more shining because of the high density level of alpha particles in the sky, and also because the alpha particles acrobats makes the moon’s light more reflected. The second cause which hasn’t to be missed is the widening of the earth’s orbit; this widening makes the earth closer to the moon to make it’s light more intense. The picture below is showing the moon’s light intensity.

The third of Higgs boson demonstrations to prove that my discovery to Higgs boson is perfect is the Northern light occurrence more in south countries most of the year; this Northern light is becoming numerously high because of the higher alpha particles density in the sky.

The fourth of Higgs boson demonstrations which is a good proof to the rightness of my experiment on Higgs boson is the rotational sea waves; I think I am bringing something so easy to be checked, and the specialized people in the seas’ waves analysis have to agree with me about what’s I am saying.

The last of Higgs boson demonstrations is volcanoes eruption; during the last two years the increase in volcanoes eruption couldn't be denied. I am sure that methane combustion is behind this increase of volcanoes eruption and the world will assist more increase in volcanoes eruption in the future.

To close this post I would like to notice that Higgs boson demonstrations are everywhere and they will be understood and linked to Higgs boson experiment very soon.        

Higgs Boson Butterfly

Higgs boson butterfly is a complex of chemical reactions to produce mega systems with a butterfly shape, in this post I am interested to bring some images of butterfly shaping through natural systems, and to know what the reasons of these shapes to occur are. My imagination is gone too far to look at what is really happening to planet earth, and in another hand I am surprised of the world’s population ignorance to my imagination. Anyway I would like to show you five images of Higgs boson butterfly with the hope to catch your mind.

The first of Higgs boson butterfly is seen in the image below which is showing a tomato grown to twelve times bigger than normal size.
The super-sized tomatoes are so large one tomato alone can serve up to four people and grow up to 6ft tall

The second of Higgs boson butterfly is shown in the image below which is a snowflake; this snowflake couldn’t be realised without Higgs boson quarks submission.
Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov was able to snap high-resolution magnified images of snowflakes. (Photo/Alexey Kljatov)

The third of Higgs boson butterfly is the kind of sea snake shown in the image below; this is one of Higgs boson first generation of sea snakes which will come up and dominate seas and oceans; from now up human being have to adapt to the gastronomy of the new era.
Ichthyophis cardamomensis was found in Cambodia's southwest Cardamom Mountains, an area under threat from habitat loss

The fourth of Higgs boson butterfly is the global weather system as shown in the image below; this image has all meaning that Higgs boson has already changed all streams around the world.
Tokyo-based software engineer Cameron Beccario has created a weather map (main image) that looks like the infamous Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt (inset image). The animation shows wind speeds and weather patterns around the world. In the image Jabba's 'eyes' are represented by two vortices. His mouth is an area that circles Earth near the equator where northeast and southeast trade winds come together. Mr Beccario told MailOnline he 'couldn't stop laughing' when he saw the face appear in his visualisation

The last of Higgs boson butterfly is the fast growing algae shown in the image below; this algae is also the work of Higgs boson mechanism.

To close this post I would like to remind you about the changes occurring in natural phenomena are at their beginning and don’t be surprised in the future when you see debates about these changes everywhere in the world.  

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-4)

Higgs boson syndication 14-4 is one of the most important syndications as it has a direct impact on human being body; steroids are one of the important components in the building of living organisms, and their deficiency due to many causes leads to serious consequences which should be looked at immediately. This post’s subject which I am interested to talk about is the causes of steroids deficiency in human body.

The first cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is vortices or simply very cold weather; *generally cold weather provokes infections at the respiratory level which leads to a laziness of the reproduction system to produce steroids*.

The second cause which leads to steroids deficiency in human body is the deficiency of oxygen in the atmosphere; after carbon atom the oxygen atom is the second in line which will be targeted by the sulphur high density in the atmosphere. I think many people will be infected in their chests because of the lack of oxygen which leads to infections and causes steroids deficiency.

The third cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is the sulphur condensation inside the thorax glands; the relation between sulphur and the thorax glands is Higgs boson superlative, because sulphur will be abundant in the atmosphere in high density and this makes the thorax gland invaded by sulphur where to condensate. The result of this syndication is simply a sudden death.

The fourth cause leading to steroids deficiency in human body is sea amino acids; we know that in seawater there are some amino acids which evaporate to be carried by clouds then fallen through rain to come on fruits and vegetables; once eaten they provoke steroids deficiency in human body.

Amino acids + Water → Methane + Sulphur Oxide + Water
CH4O5S2 + H2O → CH4 + O6S2 + 4HO7

The chemical equation above is showing how a sea amino acid is becoming steroids killer through sulphur oxide.

The last cause which I would like to add of steroids deficiency in human body is the bridge between infected alimentation by high sulphur density and the human body; alimentation connects to sulphur atom due the abundance of this last one in the atmosphere, and steroids diminish due to the high level of sulphur in human body.

I am sure I will come back in the nearest future with more syndications linked to human being body.  

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-3)

Polar vortices should not be underestimated as they are one of the most influential syndications on the global weather system. In this post I am excited to put the light on the polar vortices work in the new era of life, because vortices spread cold towards the equatorial line; this cold is the interest of this post’s subject by highlighting five of it’s effects.

The first interesting effect of polar vortices is animal death; not all animals support freezing temperatures, and just few hours of cold can provoke death to some animals such as butterflies, bees, and many of different kind of birds.

One of the most dangerous effects of vortices is the wood decomposition; the cold makes the water molecule frozen inside the wood and changing it’s form from liquid to solid to give it more volume; by this process the wood as well increases in volume to break.

The third effect of vortices is fish death; when a vortex travel to the equatorial it makes warm sea waters colder; so the change in temperature can kill fish easily. It is similarly when a vortex recedes back north it leaves fish in cold water, this last becomes warm and leads to the fish’s death.

The fourth effect of vortices is when they move south into areas where there are no high mountains to stop them such areas the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans; the effect in this situation is so huge as vortices get connected to the South Pole streams; that means more warm air to the North Pole to get it’s ice melted.

The last of the vortices effects is the cracks; most materials get used to high temperatures and when they get very cold they get shocked and cracked.

I think vortices will be usual to humans as they will be more frequent in the future.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Higgs Boson Fun

Fun, fun and fun because without fun everything become boring. In this post I really want to show you how we can have fun by making experiments on Higgs boson.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-2)

Higgs boson syndication (13-2) has to come to explain why sea sponges are likely to increase in number during the next few months? It is known that sea sponges are

animals growing in warm seawaters and also they are grown by small marine industries around the world. In this post I would like to add to your knowledge five causes which are making sea sponges spreading everywhere on seas’ surface and occupying larger spaces on beaches.

The first cause which is making sea sponges in huge quantity on beaches is the seawater rotations; quarks assumption is making the seawater rotating to eject sea sponges on it’s surface and carrying them to beaches. The picture below is showing one of them

The second cause which making sea sponges abundant on beaches is the abundance of Acetyl-coA in the seawater which is coming from trees’ leaves.

The third cause which is making sea sponges in seawater is the chitin coming from the decomposing wood in land due the imposed weather cycle which has four key elements which are frost, heat, rain and humidity, the chitin is transported to sea by all kind of waters’ streams and once is in the seawater it finds the right conditions to grow very fast. Most of the important conditions to chitin to grow fast in seawater are warm seawater, less sodium density in seawater and high carbon density in seawater.

The fourth cause which is making sea sponges growing and spreading faster to accumulate on beaches is Higgs boson magnetism; once starch, chitin and Acetyl-coA are in seawater their rotation increases and they are pulled up vertically by Higgs boson magnetism to give birth to sea sponges. I think that Higgs boson magnetism has it’s influence not only on sea sponges to grow but also on DNA in nature to grow up.

The last cause which is making sea sponges accumulating on beaches is the seawater’s current; sea sponges are light and they can stay on the seawater surface while the seawater current pulls the deep seawater that makes sea sponges pushed out to beaches.

Finally, I think that sea sponges will invade beaches with unbelievable quantities and they will be the main food to seabirds.